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In 1970, we began with a backyard wholesale fruit and palm nursery in Homestead, Florida Since 1970. Over the years growing has been our obsession, sharing our love of palms and other tropical plants with many others,today, we are growing subtropical and cold hardy palms and other selected plants in central Florida. We grow most of our plants from seed ourselves.  We start with fresh seed originating from knowledgeable collectors around the world, and many from properly identified local plants. We are always experimenting with many new palms, looking for plants suitable for growing conditions in the subtropical and temperate climates of the U.S. We have grown many exotic and native palms and other tropical plants in South Florida, The metro Atlanta Georgia piedmont area, and the coastal central Florida area. Many growers pamper their product and “soft grow” them prior to sale. These plants often suffer dramatic set-back when planted out in the elements.
Our intent is to produce strong, healthy landscape plants rather than a green house ornamental.
After seed is germinated, and plants are rooted 1st and 2nd year, we grow our plants out doors with minimal protection as much as is possible to provide strong plants suitable for immediate transplant in the ground. Our plants are shipped in the containers with root-ball intact. Bare-rooting plants and breaking the intimate bond of roots to soil elements is often a setback they cannot overcome. We believe that enduring gardens start with healthy, hardy plants. We are committed to providing our customers properly identified, healthy, strong plants and good customer service. 

Member of the International Palm Society since 1978.

Member of the Southeastern Palm Society.


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